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SnoMaster Classic Cooler
By SnoMaster USA
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$989.95 (USD)
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The Classic range comprises Snomaster original range and is designed for general off road use, giving a larger size selection. Even though this is aimed at general usage the spec have always been maintained to be comparable or in certain cases better than our competitors current product offer. Also available in 42L, 60L, 80L single door or Expedition Series 66L, 85L combo fridge freezers.

Dual AC/DC 12/24 DC 110/220 AC fridge or freezer with Stainless steel cabinet, hinges, locks and handles and Lid open Alarm.

3 Internal baskets included, Temp variance -7ºF to 50ºF, Digital thermostat, LED Light /Lid alarm. Travel bag and remote included.

Size: 22.62 x 16.53 x 20.47" 600 W x 420 D x 520 H mm
Capacity: 40 Liter
Weight 52.9 Lbs
60mm Polyurethane Insulation
Stainless Steel Cabinet, Hinges, Latches, Handles
Solar wireless temperature controller
Battery Monitor&a

Product Review:

I had the opportunity to look at this unit and others at a recent Readiness show in Florida. The unit is capable of maintaining frozen temperatures running on either AC or DC. The unit I looked at was running on a Marine Deep-cycle battery and is designed to run most of the day from the battery on a single charge.

The unit is capable of running from a solar-powered grid at less power than a full sized freezer would and will easily allow you to produce ice (With trays) even when the main power is out.

The control and display panel on the side allows easy monitoring of the freezer and the top lid closes tightly to keep the cold where it belongs - in the freezer.

Though I didn't have the opportunity to use one it presents itself as a great unit and should be researched when looking for an easy portable cooling and freezing device.