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Primal Gear Unlimited Survival Bow
By Primal Gear Unlimited
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The patented CFSB(Compact Folding Survival Bow), also known as the go primal bow, can be converted from Right hand to left hand, average arrow speeds 170 feet per second. 

This traditional bow is a long bow, but it is anything but traditional. 

The riser for the Compact takedown Folding Survival Bow is milled from T-6 6061 aircraft grade aluminum with a built in arrow shelf, and the limbs are made from fiberglass developed specifically for bow limbs.

The limbs can be removed to convert bow from right to left hand, replace limbs, or interchange with different draw weight limbs.

Fold the limbs into the side of the handle for transport and it forms its own compact and durable carrying case.

40 lbs draw at 26 inches, 45 lbs at 27 and 50 lbs at 28 inches. Draw weight increases with longer draw lengths. 

It is 23 inches long x 1.5 x 1.5 inches when closed and opened is a total 59"

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