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UVPAQLite Scout Pack
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UV Paqlites provide you with a reliable light source that glows all night long, recharges quickly by absorbing any light, and lasts forever. Inside all of our items are glow in the dark crystals called strontium aluminate. These crystal recharge by absorbing any light...sunlight, ambient room light, flashlight, etc. They will fully charge in 1 - 10 minutes of light exposure, glow for over 10 hours, and will keep recharging forever. They do not degrade over time or wear out after a certain number of uses.  We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our products. So give them a try risk free!   

Product Review:

I have a set of these that I picked up for my daughter and I when we camp. Great Product. The small UV Matlite works great to illuminate our tent or use as a simple night light. We attach the Necklace or one of the glow sticks to anything we need to find quickly in the dark. The pads and sticks do glow for hours and a quick blast from our flashlight will refresh the glow. We still use glowsticks which last longer at one time but cannot the reused where this one is still as good as when we bought it over a year ago and dozens of uses.